Why Linux?

Linux is almost unarguably the best operating system out there in the world today?

you ask why?

First there’s the “everything” and “everywhere” answer
Linux runs on everything everywhere, we’re talking laptops, smartphones, desktops, routers, web servers, supercomputers, televisions, refridgeratores tablets, PC’s, even on the stock market (London, NY, Johannesburg, etc.).

Secondly there’s “collaboration”.
There’s many open projects, but not many where everyone is involved and working together. The Linux Foundation issues a yearly report of how the kernel is being developed, and you can see competing companies working together

Thirdly there’s “that low susceptibility to viruses”
You’re a windows user…i’m sure you don’t want me to digress…lol

Again, Linux is almost always free.
That means you can cut costs as against using WIndows or even Mac

Another plus is “Customizability”
One of the most important reasons why computer-savvy individuals consider Linux as the best operating system is because it is far more customizable than its popular counterparts. With Windows and Mac. You can tweak your system/server to meet your own particular needs without having to be a slave to the organization you shelled out your hard earned money to get the system from in the first place.

Low resource requirements.
I’m sure you have noticed how Windows hangs up after a few years of use? As your computer gets older, it demands more resources such as RAM eventually slowing down your system. With Linux’s low-resource approach, you are less likely to encounter slower load times. Oh..plus you can tweak the memory use to suit your needs

Other features are Secure, Affordable, Versatile, Speed.

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